Jochen Skulj

about me:

I was born 1970 in the the area of Cologne, Germany, and I am spastically handicapped since my birth. After finishing school I studied computer science. During my studies I focussed on system programming, programming in C++ and object-oriented databases.

My first job was a position of a C++-developer in a small startup company, where I mainly was involved in developing a database access layer. Besides this we programmed applications for managing and genarating multimedia content.

Since 1995 I am employed at a German federal tax authority. There I was first working on programming database applications and QA tasks. Today I am mainly involved in requirement analysis, software architecture and project management. My technical skills comprise Java and PL/SQL, software design, software architecture and common Java-based enterprise technologies.

For more than 10 years I use Linux on my private computers and I really love it. After using SuSE and Debian I switched to Ubuntu and used it for a couple of years. running Ubuntu for the last couple of years. Ubuntu always satisfies myself, since it is so easy to install, very reliable and has an awesome community. I tried to support Ubuntu and free software in general by translating software and documentation of GNOME and Ubuntu for a couple of years.

I was really happy with Ubuntu being a Debian-based and GNOME-centered Linux distribution. But that changed with Unity becoming the standard desktop. Somehow I can't get used to Unity and I personally think, GNOME Shell is by far the better approach. So it was time to leave Ubuntu.

I returned to Debian. I now run Debian Testing on my Thinkpads and Debian Stable on my other machines.


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